P-Town Adventures Part 4: Second Thoughts

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A slender white woman sits pensively, half dressed in white on a bed.

I felt a little uneasy as I took a shower after our love-making. Did I like the strap too much? Am I still a lesbian if I like dick–even plastic dick-that much? How was this going to change our sexual dynamic?

Up until then things had been fairly mutual–we were fucking each-other or at least taking turns–but with the strap it was all about her fucking me. Very much the one-way dynamic that I had with stone-studs. Would I still get to explore new ways of pleasing her with my thighs, mouth, and fingers? Would she always want to strap for me–or would she want me to strap on for her? I’ve fantasized about strapping before–but in my fantasies it was always with a femme– I’m not sure I could do it with a stud.

I put those thoughts aside as I prepared to go out. I decided not to wash my hair–even though it was greasy–because I thought it would look worse wet. It was also too cold to wear the cover-up that I had planned, so I was stuck with the going-home outfit that I packed–not horrible, but not my nicest look.

Argh! So much for looking good for my girl! She didn’t seem to mind, though. We headed out to the pool party.

Provincetown is So Gay!

Cabaret Girls

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I got to P-Town at midnight. Noma greeted me at the cute little cabin. She was tired, but fine as always. We talked a bit, then started kissing and grinding. After things got pretty hot and heavy, she lead me into the bedroom.

“I need to tell you–” I said reluctantly, “I have a yeast infection.”
“Oh!” She recoiled.
“But it’s ok–I can still do you–I’ll be better tomorrow!” I promised, hoping it was true.
“No, that’s okay. We can wait till tomorrow.” She replied.
Lying next to her in the double-bed that dominated the tiny room, I realized that it had been a long time since I had slept–actually slept–with an adult.

How long had it been? My daughter’s father and I shared a bed uneasily, stealing each-others covers and competing for room on the bed, and we ended up sleeping separately.
I guess that the last adult that I slept comfortably with was my sons father, almost nine years ago. There was little sexual desire between the two of us, but the spooning was divine!

Lack of desire was not a problem with Noma, and the sexual tension between us made for fitful sleeping. Every time one of us moved the other woke up.

Finally at 7AM I needed to get out of there.

Cabin with wild roses

The sharp salt air hit my nose as I stepped outside. Wild pink beach roses bloomed along pituresque cottages against a clear blue sky.

I wandered over to Commercial Street, spotting a local coffee shop. A sporty lesbian couple with matching big dogs sat along the side, while a bunch of old fags congregated out front.

I settled down to people-watching with what was simultaneously the worst and most expensive mocha that I’ve ever had.

A young gay couple settled down in front of me, one of them swishing heavily. Upon sensing my gaze, he suddenly switched to a more masculine style, then moved so that I couldn’t see him. Did he think I was judging him? Wasn’t I in P-Town too?

Just then a siren went off and I looked up to see a garishly painted drag queen bicycling down the street at the head of a mini bike and motorcycle parade. Provincetown is so gay!

P-Town Adventures Part 1: Bad Omens

A painting of a sad, thin white girl looking into a broken mirror.

The first sign that everything was not going down as the idealic weekend I envisioned came Thursday Morning: as I was trying to choose a necklace to match my black, gold and blue shirt–not one, but three of them broke as I tried them on!

I finally put on the studiest necklace that I owned–which happened to match my outfit perfectly!

I decided not to let that bad omen shake me: those were cheap necklaces, and I could fix two of them.

The next bad sign was Friday Morning, when the slight vaginal irritation which I had been trying to ignore turned into a raging yeast infection! Shit! Nothing says sexy like vaginal yeast infections!

Actually, I think maybe I got it from the last time my boo and I were together. It’s the second time that happened. I’m trying to figure out how to ask her if we can use gloves.

I’ve never done that before, and I’m not sure how I’d feel about being asked that–especially with the implication that I was dirty/giving my girl yeast infections!

I bought one of those monistat one day things, still trying to figure out whether I could play this off, or if I should tell her.

Squatting over the toilet, I inserted the bead–only to have it jam in the applicator!  $20 for this bead and it failed to launch! Now what was I supposed to do? I wondered, eyeing the misshapen white pearl dubiously–return it? Yeah, I could picture that scene at the drug store! I wrestled the punctured pouch from it’s casing and jammed it up there manually, praying that that would work.

The third bad omen came Friday night as I was packing–remember that bathing suit I went to so much effort to buy? Turns out they left the tamper-proof-dye-dispensing bolt in the fabric!
With my pussy on fire and my 4 sizes too big bathing suit in my luggage–I headed down to P-Town.

Femme-Packing Part 1

Disclaimer: the below is a my opinion and/or a parody of my opinion. I am not affiliated in any way with these companies, although I might have a Sears and Layne Bryant Card–I think they give those out to anybody, though..

Fucking hot volluptuous femme

I’ve been in somewhat of a frenzy getting ready for this weekend. Women of Color Weekend in P-Town! Two whole nights away from my kids and holed up in my Soft Studs rented love nest:-)

But this trip definitely required updating my wardrobe.I want to look nice. I know that there will be some fine, well-dressed women there, and my Boo will be dapper in her low-key jockish way, and I want her to be proud to have me on her arm

Plus with all of the weight I lost my old raggedy bathing suit would hang like a bag! So that called for a stolen few hours at the mall.

Since I’ve thinned down to the 14 side of 14-16, shopping has become soooooooooooooooooooo much easier! I started out with Layne Bryant out of habit.

Plus those Layne Briant models looked fucking hot in this bathing suit, and I wanted to try it on:

Fucking hot volluptuous femme in a peach, fortyie-style-almost bathing suit

Unfortunately, that bathing suit looked like crap on me! Really. It looked really, really bad! I will not burn your retinas with that view.

I fond a blue bathing suit top that looked petty good, along with a really good shaper-bottom.

Then I went to Sears, and went a little crazy. The last time I went to Sears and headed for the Fat Ghetto, that tiny little corner where women size 16 and up can choose between like 12 whole outfits that are all horribly unflattering and garish colors. I was grumbling as usual about the selection, when I noticed an Xtra Large tank top that looked like it would fit.

I tried it on, and, low-and-behold, it did! Big Mama 2x is now an extra large!

I ran out of the changing room for an orgy of choices–I was like Oprah giving out cars–I can try on this, and this, and this! All those cute clothes that had been denied to me for so man years were now there, on discount, double discount and triple discount! I loaded up me arms!

Of course, I couldn’t go crazy with the actual purchases, but I definitely found some good work clothes on that shopping trip!

On this trip, I located a really cute black bathing suit lop from Lands End:

Skinny b lond bitch in a bitchin black Tankini

It Looks Better in a D Cup

The skirt looked terrible (it really doesn’t even look good on this model–it makes her torso look even longer then is is and obscures her waist– but the Layne Briant bottoms made it work! Still, I couldn’t stop there! There’s a pool party, so I needed a cover-up, plus a nice Maxi day-dress for the Wine Tasting and maybe going out to dinner.

I wanted to get a little black dress, but, sadly, ran out of time…