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sexy haf naked brown skinned butch woman

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Must Watch Web TV!

So apparently the answer to what I will write now that I’ve found celibacy is: not so very much! Sorry about that loyal readers. While I work on getting my groove back, please enjoy my favoritest webTV serieses!

First we have Lez-B-Honest Definitely check this out & watch all the episodes! Don’t be put off by the early production issues, it only gets better as the series progresses!

Have you come up for air? Now watch Between Women, Again, stick it out through early production issues.  Also Trigger Warning for domestic violence in some of the later episodes.

Welp, until next time! Enjoy!

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Mr. MAKE HER OD CUM –Updated*

Saucy stud gripping her breast & fitted w/gun tatts on her hips

So sexy and bad-ass and fine! Check out her Website LezUrban  (not iPhone friendly)  Follow her on @mySTRAPbGOINham


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Start with our First Date.

Warning, the pic at the bottom is EVEN LESS safe for work than this one:

white woman tied up and crouched submissively

I went to give her a hug goodbye. She flashed me that shy, sweet smile, her eyes sparkling out from rather serious glasses.

She hugged me back briefly–and then threw me onto the bed!

Straddling me, she pinned my arms expertly over my head.

“You’re coming back to me, aren’t you?” she demanded, voice thick with desire, her hips grinding against me. Her physical presence overpowered my senses.

“Y-yes,” I gasped, barely able to speak, “I’m coming back to you”

“I didn’t say you could talk!” Her hot hand slammed down on my mouth, pushing my head slightly to the side. I can not even describe how much that turned me on.

“Are you my new little bitch?” She asked, rubbing fiercely against me.

Unable to talk, my whole boy trembled a delicious Yes! I’m your little bitch!

She stripped first my shorts then my shirt off me, binding the tank effortlessly around my wrists. Then she put the gloves on…

“You’re my dirty girl, aren’t you?” she commanded darkly, stroking my pussy with her fingers.

“Y–yes..” I started to say, but her hand slammed back down on my mouth.

“I didn’t say you could talk!”

“You’re my dirty girl, aren’t you?“She repeated.

I’m your dirty girl! every inch of my body trembled in silent ecstatic response. I was aware of the rapey overtones of this encounter–but why did it feel so good? Why did she need to dominate me so completely? And–why did I like it?

Her hips gyrated against mine, and I thrust back.

“I didn’t say you could move!” I desperately tried to will my body to stillness even as her fierce kisses and the press of her flesh against mine drove me crazy.

“Close your mouth!” She told me, then shoved her ample breast into my mouth.

I sucked with the desperation of a newborn baby.

“Slow down” she laughed. “I know what you want...you want, you want me to lick your pussy.”

She leaned over in the bed so her perfect round ass was by my face and engulfed my pussy in her hot, wet mouth.

Her tongue worked magic on my clit, sending me into a barely controlled frenzy as a I came again and again.

Sun raised up off of me, pressing her lips hotly on mine, sharing the sweet saltiness.

Under the heat of her gaze, I felt naked. Naked and vulnerable like I never had before.
“You’re so beautiful!” She marveled. I felt too naked to be beautiful--naked beyond not wearing clothes. “You’ve been good, baby, you can use your hands.”

But I did not want to be good, I wanted to be bad so she could punish me more.

Sun released my hands and I cupped her full breasts as we kissed.

That only lasted a minute or two, and then she had me tied up and blindfolded, kneeling in front of her wide open legs at the edge of the bed.

I want you to lick it” She said, grabbing me by the hair. I had a brief, rueful thought about my dental dam as she pressed my face into her pussy–but hey, master’s orders!

Sun’s pussy-lips were sweet and delicious as I worked them with my mouth and tongue…seeking out the pearl of her clit from the soft, elongated flesh of her labia. Soft moans escaped her mouth along with something that sounded suspiciously like:

“I could be your girlfriend”

I licked and sucked until finally an earthquake rocked through her body, and, quivering, she pushed me away.

After a moment, Sun took off my blindfold. I stared, dazed, at her beauty.
“It’s time to go home now.” She informed me solemnly.
“I’m not done” Sun said pointedly, “But it’s late. I want you to go home and touch yourself while you think of me.” She admonished.
“I, I will…” I gasped, still not compose-mentis, trying to locate my clothing.
“Go home now–” She laughed a little. “I don’t want your mother to hate me already!”
“You want to meet my mother?
“Well, I’m going to have to eventually–you already met my son”

Interracial Lesbian Bondage

Not Quite This Ellaborate


Jenny from the L word stands between her butch/trans gf and a guy

Not My Idea of a Good Time!

Start the night:

I went outside to nurse my beer by myself. I wasn’t sure if I was mad at her for her slutty ways, mad at her on behalf of all bisexuals for further tarnishing the word, or grateful that I saw her more clearly before planting my mouth deeply in her muff–which was where things were surely heading.

Who let me off the leash? I should not be allowed in the club without a chaperone! For realz people! (Like that one night, or that other time…or even with a guy!)

“Naked Volleyball!” A butch woman exclaimed. Thank god, a distraction! I thought, making my way over to the fence, where five people stood watching as two people stripped to their skivvies and attempted to bat an under-inflated volleyball back and forth.
“Why don’t you play?” a butch woman asked me.
“Me? No thanks!”
“I’ll do it if you do it.” She goaded me. (Wow I just realized she was flirting with me! I can be a little slow sometimes.)

Just then the aggressive femme came and stood provocatively next to me. I moved away from her quickly, but she followed me.
“What’s your deal?” I started to ask, almost inaudibly “you know what? I don’t want to know!” I moved even further away from her. After my fourth evasion, she gave up, looking hurt and bewildered. Did she really not understand why I would be less than thrilled to have the woman I’ve been kissing turn around and kiss a man less than five minutes later?

What is wrong with these women? It’s women like her that made it nearly impossible for me to pull a lesbian while I identified as bi.

Even when I did identify as bi, it never would have occurred to me to act like that! With the exception of a few three and foursomes in my early years: when I was with a man, I was with him–I didn’t try to pick up women–and vice versa!

The few women that did hit on me in my lonely, after high school bi years tended to do it in front of their boyfriends, something that always bothered me. (And by hit on, I mean kiss me mid-conversation, while their boyfriends looked on fidgeting uncomfortably) It’s no wonder lesbians hate bi girls, with women running around acting like that!

At one point my okcupid profile listed me as bi, and for my secret I put down that I hitchhiked three times across the country. For some reason this made guys think that I was a big, swinging slut. Apparently hitchhiker, bisexual and whore occupy the same spaces in their minds.

Look, I wasn’t so much mad that she kissed a guy right after me–I would have walked away if she turned around and kissed anyone! I’m not mad at her for being attracted to people of both genders. But, somehow, kissing a guy was definitely worse than if it had been another woman. And the fact that all of that was all out there, in public. Ugh!

After my third time avoiding her, she left me alone.

I Love Lesbian Cock!

Close-up of a slender white woman with a purple cock

This is actually part three of my P-Town adventures. Start the adventure here.

Noma was just getting out of the shower as I came in.  She greeted me with kisses and things moved quickly into the bedroom.

“Are you gonna strap on for me?” I gasped between caresses.
“Yeah.” she pulled back, grabbing a bag out of the closet. “but you have to choose…”
She pulled out three plastic cocks. Hmm…the small blue one was out…I chose the mid-sized pearlesent white one. What is it with these weird colored dildos? I think that if I buy one I will get one that at least matches someone’s skin color! (If not mine)

She climbed into the harness and slid on the condom, then returned to her proper position–on top of me. After sliding her fingers over and inside my wet pussy as our mouths exchanged fluid like it was the new form of breathing, she entered me slowly.


I love lesbian cock! Feeling it press up inside me was amazing–especially after it warmed up–and she definitely knew what to do with it!

I found myself calling out things I never thought I would say to a woman…

“I love your dick!” I hollered as she fucked me from on top, on bottom…she wanted to to it from behind but I was too exhausted!

We fell into a deep satisfied sleep.