Things Nicki Minaj Raps About

Nicki Minaj giving the world the finger while lookin hot

Nicki Minaj giving the world the finger while lookin hot

In no particular order:

  • Being the baddest bitch
  • Her haterz
  • How she doesn’t like pork (I think she means dick)
  • What kind of men she likes–if she liked men
  • Eating rad bitches
  • Eating chicken

How You Gonna No Homo That?

So I ain’t tryin’a hate on Nicki Minaj–I think she’s really talented. She outshines every other artist that she shares a track with and it’s f@cking unfair that there seems to be this unspoken rule that there can only be one top female artist at a time, so that everyone wants that artist to be all things to all people, but I gotta take issue with one lyric from her song Baddest Bitch:

And if he want some pussy that’s a no-no
I only fuck with bad bitches no homo

No homo–really Nicki? I can see if you wanna portray yourself as Bi and talk about women and men, but how do you “no homo”  a comment like “I only sleep with women.” If you say no to men and only fuck women, that is so homo.
Check it out for yourself:

High Femme

I’ve decided to do a new series called “Lesbian Lexicon” which will attempt to define the variations of Lesbianism as I understand them.

Nicki Minaj: Poster Child for High Femme

Hair did * Nails did * Everything did!

High heels, make-up, sexy clothing, all hallmarks of a high femme. A high femme revels in the trappings of femininity. High femmes are often spotted in groups of other high femmes, or in groups of high femmes and studs. They often date studs, and are what studs have in mind when they say they are looking for a femme woman. It is rumored that it takes hours for high femmes to get dressed to go out…

(Part of Justa Notha’s Lesbian Lexicon. See also Lipstick Lesbian, Femme, Aggressive Femme, Butch-Femme, Stem, Tomboy, Soft Butch and Butch)