Missed Sounds

I was all excited to catch the Sounds of Pride Tour hosted by Pookz and DZ from Studology101 along with JayneDoe, Bostons own M3rcedes Diaz and more! Unfortunately, by the time I got free of my kids, got stood up by my Internet “date” and drove all the way out to frigging Randolph–not only had they already performed–they were gone!

Now who the hell’s bright idea was it for them to fly all the way out to the Bean to perform at 8:30 at an under-promoted (through Boston Lesbian channels) show way the hell out in Randalph? And why was the how so short with so many artists?

I can’t blame them for leaving before 11. I hope they come again and perform for a more Urban crowd–like, actually in Boston. And at a more reasonable time. Who the hell hits the club at 8:30?

Sounds of Pride came to Boston and all I got were some fucking hot flyers!

(Thanks for the fucking hot flyers, btw!)

It’s a “Girl Thing”

Close up of the sexy Hip Hop Artist Feloni with her fine dreds


I’m so excited! My #1 Favorite out* hip hop artist Feloni’s song has been featured on VH1’s Single Ladies!

Here’s the copy that landed in my inbox from what I think is the first newsletter I’ve gotten from Trish ever since I subscribed**:

“Girl Thing feat. Feloni” from Lori Michaels’ debut album, “Living My Life Out Loud” co-written (rap) and performed by Feloni, is featured in VH1’s new series “Single Ladies” episode 2 (Indecent Proposal), starring Stacy Dash, LisaRay McCoy, Charity Shea, Cassandra Clementi and D B Woodson. Queen Latifah is also one of the Executive Producers of the show.  The show is shot in Atlanta and is being called the urban “Sex in The City.”  Lori Michaels’ “Meet me at The Party” is also ftr in Ep 3, “Confidence Games.”  You can purchase these songs on iTunes under Lori Micheals’ debut album listed above.


*I still have love for my Hip Hop Divas living in the closet, but, you know, I got a special place in my heart for those brave enough to come out.

**The email said it was from Patricia Best , and I spent like 5 minutes wondering who she was was and how she knew I liked Feloni–Guess I’m a little slow lol. (Feloni’s real name is Trish Best.)

“$hawty” Soft Stud

That’s what I’m talking about…sexy, versatile…just, please, leave the grill at home honey!

Out of Water

I just spent the last several hours with my eyes sliding over a room full of black men and wishing some of them were really women…sigh…

Why are rap shows always such stick fests?

Here’s a picture of local Stud Poetic Devotion

Poetic Devotion

Saturday Night Fever Pt. 1 “Man-o-phobic”

When I got to the Club there was a line outside the door–but I walked past it. I gave the bouncer my name, and he conferred with the door woman. He came back and told me that, yes I was on the list, but they were at capacity. I took a step back, and in a moment he let me inside.

I was greeted upon entering by the most beautiful smile. Hmmm…how to describe this gorgeous woman: 5”3…5’4″ slightly thick, but with delicate features and beautiful shoulder-length dreadlocks. The force of her smile and her eyes so captivated me that it was hard to look away. But I did, and found a spot to stash my coat & sweater.

The spot was packed. It was a mixed crowd–an oil and water combination of studs and femmes and what I think of as the “plaid set” (okay, okay, more studs than I’d like sported plaid too–Look, I’m still recovering from the nineties, okay? I like plaid on  school girl uniforms and flirty femme tops, that’s it!)

I wandered around the room trying to find a space where I felt comfortable. I didn’t know anybody, and the music–a local alternative band–was not my speed. I ordered a drink and draped myself over a chair. I felt like stud-bait: in my black sparkling top and jean leggings, surrounded by chicks in white t-shirts and jeans — and a stud at the bar seeemed like something I wouldn’t mind reeling in. I sat there for a bit, but I was too shy to approach her. After a while I looked up and she was gone.

My friend Chelsea arrived, cheerful like a ray of sunshine. Just then a talented Asian stud  (or Trans Man, as I was later to learn) Hip-Hop Artist started up, and we watched for the sidelines until I couldn’t take it anymore and had to dance in the front. When he finished the DJ took over,  but not before I got his number. Chelsea and I hit the dance floor, where we joined a circle of dancers, including the Asian stud. He was a little ball of fire on the dance floor. Chelsea was also the life of the circle.

There’s a certain look that people who have rhythm give me when they realize that this suburban-housewife-looking woman has rhythm. I know that look, because I found myself bestowing it on a talented young thing with mousy brown hair and flashy moves. Our dance was bouncy and audacious –but we drifted apart after a while. I think we both are more followers by inclination, so neither was a strong lead. I danced through the crowd–when suddenly I was assaulted by the most terrible odor.

What was that smell? I turned around in a circle and noticed a hairy man behind me dancing energetically with a slender “straight” woman–stink poring off of him. EWWWW! I looked around–trying to find a spot where no men would be in nose range–but everywhere I looked was a there was at least one man! What on earth were all these men doing at this sold-out lesbian event?

I started to feel claustrophobic–man-o-phobic?

Scanning the room, Chelsea caught my eye–shakin’ in canary yellow amidst a crowd of fine women on the stage.  Finally, the only spot with no men!  I headed towards it.

Continue this story with “3 Minute Dash

How You Gonna No Homo That?

So I ain’t tryin’a hate on Nicki Minaj–I think she’s really talented. She outshines every other artist that she shares a track with and it’s f@cking unfair that there seems to be this unspoken rule that there can only be one top female artist at a time, so that everyone wants that artist to be all things to all people, but I gotta take issue with one lyric from her song Baddest Bitch:

And if he want some pussy that’s a no-no
I only fuck with bad bitches no homo

No homo–really Nicki? I can see if you wanna portray yourself as Bi and talk about women and men, but how do you “no homo”  a comment like “I only sleep with women.” If you say no to men and only fuck women, that is so homo.
Check it out for yourself:

Boobie Hu$tle Where Are You?

I met this rapper BigWeazie aka Boobie Hu$tle (reppin’ Chicago) on Tagged, and she sent me a link to download her latest single: HEKKIE NAWWW

I loved how hard and raw her song was, so I went back on Tagged to ask her how I could get the rest of the album, but she had deleted her account! I searched the web, but I couldn’t find a web page for her, no facebook, myspace, nothing!!

Weazie hun, how you gonna promote your music and your new album with nothin’ but a YouTube Video? You need some help with your web presence?

Holla at me!

Alright y’all, here it is, the single HEKKIE NAWWW from the new album Access Denied (She’s not kidding lol)