Over My Bloody Uterus/Over My Sick-And-Dying-Body

Either the low & middle income women of this Nation are about to be screwed out of any access to safe abortions, or billions of low-income people will continue to die from lack of health care coverage. Having grown up steeped in the history of women bleeding to death from back alley abortions, and recently loosing someone who might have lived if he had access to preventative health care, my stomach is in knots.

What kind of Faustian bargain are the democrats making? Throwing 50 years of woman’s reproductive rights struggle down the drain?  Why does it always come to these false choices: women or everyone, women or blacks?

Is anyone else nauseated by the narrative of news shows explaining how the health care bill not only will not use federal funds to cover abortion–but will effectively prevent anyone else from covering it either? Not to scare us, but in an effort to placate so-called democrats who think the bill is still too lenient on abortion?


PS. Here’s my new chant for Tea Party Protestors:

Kill the Bill! We wanna die! Health is for the rich! Let poor people Die!

Why We Need Government-Run Universal Socialized Health Insurance

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Party of Hatred: Death Panel Lies and Fear Mongering

I can’t help but think (hope) that the republicans are shooting themselves in the foot with all of the lies and fear mongering they are currently engaged in. It hurts me with an almost visceral pain to hear every day people arguing against their own best interests, and in favor of the same health insurance that has been dicking them around for the last 90 or so years.

Face it. The Republican party long ago stopped being the party of Lincoln and fiscal responsibility. (Don’t even get me started on “family values.)” In recent years they have become more and more the party of fear and hatred.

The brilliance of the Republican Party is: they protect the companies that rape the land, exploit the people and then move on to other countries where they can do it cheaper. Then this same party turns around and taps into the legitimate anger of the people, twisting it against the people who want to help the situation, and leveraging that into political power that they use to further bolster big business.

We don’t need a death panel to kill Granny. Granny’s already dying from cancer caused by corporate pollution, from a medical industry hell bent on extending her life as long as possible, regardless of how much excruciating pain she suffers in the process.

When people such as Sarah Palin, people with the mantle of respectability and authority tell blatant lies to their constituents, what does that say about their opinion of their own peoples intelligence and gullibility?

Of course, it worked. So Maybe they were right.

People are angry. I’m angry. People should be angry. Even this bill is just a bandaid on a hemorrhaging wound. (A real solution would be too frightening to the Democrats financial Sponsors) But at least a bandaid is better than nothing.

When the dust clears and the duplicitous lies of the party are exposed, lies promoting hatred and fear, maybe the dedicated Republican voters can look around and see whose really hurting them. Its not immigrants. Its not abortions. Its not government death panels. Its the snake that they have clasped to their own busom: The Republican Party.