It’s a “Girl Thing”

Close up of the sexy Hip Hop Artist Feloni with her fine dreds


I’m so excited! My #1 Favorite out* hip hop artist Feloni’s song has been featured on VH1’s Single Ladies!

Here’s the copy that landed in my inbox from what I think is the first newsletter I’ve gotten from Trish ever since I subscribed**:

“Girl Thing feat. Feloni” from Lori Michaels’ debut album, “Living My Life Out Loud” co-written (rap) and performed by Feloni, is featured in VH1’s new series “Single Ladies” episode 2 (Indecent Proposal), starring Stacy Dash, LisaRay McCoy, Charity Shea, Cassandra Clementi and D B Woodson. Queen Latifah is also one of the Executive Producers of the show.  The show is shot in Atlanta and is being called the urban “Sex in The City.”  Lori Michaels’ “Meet me at The Party” is also ftr in Ep 3, “Confidence Games.”  You can purchase these songs on iTunes under Lori Micheals’ debut album listed above.

*I still have love for my Hip Hop Divas living in the closet, but, you know, I got a special place in my heart for those brave enough to come out.

**The email said it was from Patricia Best , and I spent like 5 minutes wondering who she was was and how she knew I liked Feloni–Guess I’m a little slow lol. (Feloni’s real name is Trish Best.)



Feloni: Out Hip Hop Artist & Stud

I’m so gay I’m straight

The term Stud comes out of the black community, but not all studs are black. Stud refers to a certain style of butchness: either thugged out or the “white boy” style. There are soft studs and stone/ hard studs. Hard stud refers to hardcore, rather than hardened. (Although she may be that too.) Hardcore studs prefer to serve, and many don’t like to have their genitals touched or even seen. (I never saw my stud without at least her boxers on.)

Although some studs date other studs, most studs are very vocally against it. Most stud’s online dating profiles say something like: “Femme women only, no butch-femmes, tomboys or stems.”

Studs are usually seen in groups of studs, with their femme girlfriends, or, most commonly, in a corner of the club watching all that ass.

(Part of Justa Notha’s Lesbian Lexicon. See also High Femme, Lipstick Lesbian, Femme, Aggressive Femme, Butch-Femme, Stem, Tomboy, Soft Butch and Butch)

Clit Likka

I collect all four: my anger, my drama, my thoughts and flows…Feloni

So I’m taking a break from my drama to tell you all about some of my favorite Lesbian Rap/Hip Hop Artists. I was going to do a list from good to best…but what the heck, eat desert first, right?

Feloni is  the best Artist I’ve found yet.  She has the best production value by far. Great beats, hot hooks and lyrics both sexy and thoughtful.

A skinny, light-skinned stud, Feloni’s (real name Trish Best) songs pack plenty of swagger and  style. Check out her website, or check her out on Myspace.

Naw I ain’t no mutha fuckin’ role model–Try to be but what I represent is hard to swallow.

Before I write more about her, I’d like to mention that I do not agree with a lot of the Rap & Hip Hop I listen to. I have a mix with politically correct and socially thoughtful Rap/Hip Hop, but I pretty much put all I could find on it, and that fits on one CD! Still, even when I don’t agree with all of the premises of her songs, I get a certain guilty pleasure indulging in her swagger.

Like a true stud, a lot of Feloni’s songs focus on turning straight women & stealing them from their men. The main premise of her album Woman’s Revenge is that she enacts “a Woman’s Revenge (for domestic violence against her mom) when I’m taking over pussy from men”

So ok, I’m less than thrilled at the premise…and the fact that most of her raps are aimed at male haters–

But I get a guilty pleasure out of it anyway.

My favorite song by her is “Wide body”. (Technically this is an “single,” but it comes with the album) First if all, as a wide body, I appreciate the love, and secondly, it’s just a really good song. I wish she had a music video of it. That would be so hot!

The second song, “No Fear”  on A Woman’s Revenge would be my second favorite if it wasn’t more of a fragment than a full song. Listen and you’ll meet the more serious side of Feloni as she opens her heart a little and let’s you in….the title track A Woman’s Revenge brings you in deeper. This is more than just Feminist Hip Hop.

She continues her theme of female empowerment and anti domestic violence in a recent release:

I love this song. Fuck yeah! If my ex hadn’t kept himself surrounded he would have woken up with a frying pan to the face. For the last time…fuck the dumb shit.

In the infectious Fien’n 4u (feat. Tasha Page) Feloni is hardly the first to rap about a stripper, but lines like “when I look at your face I see more than a hole” and the fact that she actually takes time to explore “childhood issues from the past” before going back to “fien’n for the way (that she shakes her ass)”, puts her way ahead of the guys who spout some mealy-mouthed bullshit about how their puttin the ho through college or whatever.

Personally, I have a lot of issues with strippers and the industry…some day I’ll tell y’all about how I had to move out of my trailor in the junk yard because of scrappin’ with the landlord after he punched a pregnant stripper...but for now I’ll just say that the whole industry and everyone involved with it creeps me the hell out. I managed to survive on the streets without stealin’, strippin’, selling my ass, or getting raped…but it was close sometimes…and not because folks weren’t tryin’a get me.

Another release gets a little sexy:

Notice her fly dreadlocks. If you catch some of her videos, she has some really nice hands too. (Fel, you can give me the finger any day, but what’s this with only tongue kiss? Don’t tease a girl!)

So all these things are coming up as I listen to her music…feminist critiques, old issues…lust…what can I say, she’s an artist, and like a good artist she makes you think and feel.

But don’t get it twisted, I rock the fuck out too it too.

So if you see a big white woman in a little white car with her stereo blasting, belting out:

Your chick is brand new…and she hangs in titty bars. I took your BITCH!

You know it’s Just Another White Woman.

Anyway, check her out online. Listen to her music, watch her videos, download her iPhone app, but most of all, buy her Album!!! (Hell I bought it, and I’m a broke single mom)

Oh, and Feloni, when you gonna come down to Boston and holla at a wide body?