Sun Burst Pt 3

Start the night.

Sun pressed her soft wet pussy into my mouth, clutching my arms up in the air. For five, ten minutes I was in heaven sucking and licking on her savory second lips. Eating pussy has to be right up there at the top of my favorite things in the history of ever. Words can’t express how much I enjoy eating pussy!

I was going at it with a passion. But then my neck started twinging.

The way Sun had my arms positioned I was unable to get the relief I should have had from this position. I could have kept going and going but instead the pain once again mounted.

I tried to move my arms to get more comfortable and that’s when I realized that she had me in a submission hold.

I struggled to free myself but she had me locked down, immobile. Gripping me tight even as I struggled to break free, she pressed her pussy into my mouth as wave on wave of pain shot from my spine through my forehead.

I tried to cry out but she smothered me with her pussy. I was helpless underneath her.

“Shut the fuck up!” she grunted.

My whole neck and face seized up in pain and panic as my whole body fought, thrashing and sobbing for freedom and an end to pain.

“Shut up!” She humped me angrily,

My mouth opened to its widest involuntarily and then tried it’s best to close. It took every inch of will power not to bite hard on her clit, but even with the pain she was putting me through I couldn’t bring myself to hurt her or damage that glorious pearl.

And then she let me up. She looked almost surprised at the naked agony on my face.

I lay, traumatized in her arms. Somehow still wanting her to touch me. Wanting her to hold me. But most of all wanting her to care enough not to hurt me.

I had liked her dominating me in the past, but I thought underneath it that she cared on some level. That if I wanted to stop she would let me. I guess I was wrong.

I went home determined to never see her again.


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