Fake Bash

A Teen about to hit another boy

Two young teenaged boys walked by holding hands as I pulled into the  parking lot. On the right, the skinny Indian-american boy was smiling. The young fair-haired boy he was holding hands with looked slightly embarrassed as he met my eyes. I have to admit I was surprised to see two slightly jockish young boys courageous enough to express their affection in public, but it was pretty cool–I thought.

As I headed into the Boy’s and Girl’s Club, the two boys met up with six-seven other boys. They were talking and laughing as friends. I was about to enter the building when I heard a yell.

I turned around and saw the Indian boy on the ground with a large muscular teen wailing on him.

“You have to stop that now” I hollered, walking across the lot towards them. The tall brown haired jock moved away with a guilty smile.

“We’re just playing!” He Told me.

“Is this a game?” I asked the swarthy kid on the ground.

“Yes.” He was laughing, unhurt.

“It’s time to stop. This is not funny.” I said, at a loss for other words, and to my surprise, they did.


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  1. A juvenile version of “What Would You Do?” Class project? Don’t be surprised if you wind up on youtube. Hope you get an “A”. 😉

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