Homeless “Dignity”


With the 24 hour news cycle, it’s probably forgotten by now, but there was a big to-do about a company that offered jobs to homeless people through a shelter.

The idea: homeless people walked around the city with a wifi broadcaster and a shirt emblazoned with “Homeless Wifi” people could approach & purchase the password.

The people in the program (all men I suspect) made at least $50 a day plus tips.

Now there was a big bru-haha about how “exploitative” and “undignified” this program was. Clearly these people have no idea of what dignity is to the houseless! (I prefer that term to homeless)

Begging people for change is undignified. Digging in the garbage for people’s leftovers is undignified. Having the cops roust you from sleeping in a doorway at 5AM is undignified.

Having to pee between cars and poopin the park with no shovel because you don’t have enough money to qualify as a customer to use the bathroom is undignified.

Constantly fending off offers of cash or drugs for sex is undignified. Selling drugs or your body because that’s the only way you can see to get by is undignified.

Being arrested for things “normal” people do every day just because you’re homeless is undignified.

Marketing and providing a service for more than minimum wage?

Sounds dignified to me.

But don’t worry, I’m sure all the negative press has assured that this program won’t happen again.

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