Two Women Kiss through a keyhole. A bloody hand in the foregropund

So, I’ve finally finished writing part 5 of “Meet DB” and I already know there will be a part 6 and part 7, maybe even a part 8. I’ve been threatening to password protect these posts as they get more explicit, but keep publishing them regularly anyways.

I feel torn.  On the one hand, I’m writing more explicitly and intimately than I have before, and a part of me wants to keep it semi-private. But a part of me also wants to keep it public, so that more people read it.

I’m fairly sure that even if I don’t protect part 5, I will protect part 6. What do you think? What’s too much information to have in such a public space? Where should the line be?

And what should my password be? (Email or DM me password ideas PLEASE!)

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