Head (Meet DB Pt. 4)

Start the night.

A hot chick sticks out her toungue and lots of tatts

I Just Really Like This Picture

DB walked back in with a big brown dick bobbing between her thighs and stood in the middle of the room. The harsh yellow light played against the brown skin of her broad shoulders and made her wife beater look off-off-white.

Her dick was about eight inches of latex chocolate , with a truly massive round head at the end. I got off the bed, kneeling before it. She pressed my head towards it.

“But…a condom…” I protested weakly.

“It’s clean.” She gave me a look like come on now. I knew I should use one but at the moment my giddy mind was unable to find a reason to put an extra layer of latex between my mouth and that big piece of rubber.

I took the monstrous head in my mouth, fighting my gag reflex as I let it go as deep into my throat as possible. Every time it hit the back of my throat I gagged. The faint smell of rubber wasn’t helping any either!

She tried to guide my head but I stopped her. I know from experience that I will throw up giving head if I’m not in control--and that’s not sexy at all! I used to be quite good at giving head–there’s a rhythm to it if you can get your breathing right–but I was sorely out of practice and couldn’t quite find the groove.

“Here, use your hands too–I can feel it on my clit.” she said, guiding me…but I was thankful as we moved on!

“Can I grab your hair?” She asked me as my clothes came off.
“Um…no…it’s a wig.” I touched my long curly red-brown locks.
“Man!” She sucked her teeth, “you have too many rules!”
“Well–I reconsidered–you can pull my real hair.”
“Okay! If the wig comes off it comes off!”

I nodded agreement…

This post was published without protection. But the next one won’t be! Contact me for the password!

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  1. Eek. A run to the drug store to stay protected is always worth it!

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