Meet DB Pt. 1

I met DB online. I knew the moment that I saw her picture that I was attracted to her: hard jaw and soft cheeks, thick, juicy lips and just a hint of black hair on her dark chocolate dome.

It was clear from our first convo that she just wanted to fuck. Which, like, was okay with me, because as a single Mom anyone I talk to goes on one of two tracks : marriage or sex. (And women are not exactly lining up for the marriage track.) There is no such thing as “casual dating” and until I find Ms. Right, I was determined to enjoy the fuck outa Ms. Right Now!

She greeted me at the door with a Cheshire smile. Her 5’5″ frame was pleasantly full under her baggy men’s clothes. I knew she was trouble.

“Can I borrow some money?” She asked as I walked in the door.


But I kept talking to her.

She was thick, she was fine, and she liked me.

On our second meet-up I picked her up and drove her across town to her spot–a room in her sister’s house we could use for the night.

It’s a good thing she gave good directions, because it was all I could do to focus on the road as she reached out to stroke my breasts as I drove.

“You know it’s entirely possible that this won’t be any good.” She said, withdrawing her hand.

“What do you mean?” I asked, rolling my eyes in the darkness. Was this her idea of game?

“Well…I cum really fast…”

“I guess,” I said, sucking my teeth, “you’ll have to take care of me first”

“See there you go!” She threw her hands up in playful exasperation.

To be continued…

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  1. I love your writing.

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