More with the Asking and the Answering

White Femme in Fedora smoking a cigar

See not all of my pics are dirty!

So, remember when I said I would be writing semi-regularly for

Welp, I’ve done it again. Here’s an excerpt:

1.) Are you just as equally attracted to Doms and Femmes?
**Usually when a white lesbian couple is spotted in an urban area, its difficult to differentiate between the its a common myth that white Femmes date everybody**

I am attracted to both Doms (or Studs as I say) and Femmes..and women who fall in between. But I do have a serious weakness for Studs though. White women definitely have our preferences, but a lot do not subscribe to the butch-femme dynamic.

I think that the white lesbian community used to look a lot more like the lesbian community among POC: small, marginalized, and tending towards a culture Dominated by the butch-femme dynamic (I’m not judging, just calling it as I see it!)

Then a few things happened:

1) Feminism: as white women became more aware of patriarchy, I think a lot of them rejected the masculine-feminine dynamic within their own community.

2) Main-streaming: As lesbianism has become more accepted in main stream white culture, more women are coming out who have not been exposed to old-school lesbian culture, and who are, frankly, embarrassed by it. They reject genderqueerness in an attempt to appear more “normal.”

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And check out the rest of the site while you’re there! (It is sooo worth getting the password)

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