My First Orgasm/Practical Application of Feminism

Diagram of a vagina pointing out all the parts

Know Your Pussy!

It was Thanksgiving weekend, I was 14, and brought the Hite Report up to my uncle’s house with me to read. (Just a little light reading)

See, I was raised with walls full of first, second and third wave feminist literature sitting next to science fiction and fantasy. At any given moment you could find me reading The Second Sex (groundbreaking 2 wave feminism) or Door into Fire (Fantasy Novel about Polyamourous pansexual kings and wizards)

Or the Hite report, which explained where the clitorous is, with a diagram. The Hite Report was based onquestions asked to hundreds of women about what they liked and what made them cum. It talked about how most women came most effectively from their own hand–and went into detial! I also learned that some women never can cum from penetration, while others need their legs together in order to cum. Also that tightening your sphincter can make you cum harder.
After reading all these words about how women like to cum, I was laying in bed in the dark. Wanting to explore. Up till then I had been experimenting with penetration, which I found strangely enjoyable, but nothing like an orgasm.

That night I searched inside my labia and coaxed my clit out in little circular motions as the people in the book recommended. Lying as quietly as possible in the bedroom, my fingers searched the folds of my labia, teasing out the pearl of my clit.

After rotating my fingers insistently on my clit, my body was wracked with pleasure for the first time, cumming so hard, if I had let out a breath it would have been a scream!

Thank You, Shere Hite!


  1. I am always aroused after reading what you post.

  2. ditto 🙂

    • wait…ditto? you had your first orgasm thanks to the Hite Report on Thanksgiving at your Uncle’s? o_O

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