And Treat (Halloween Pt 4)

Start the night.

Hot Interacial lesbian kiss

Her mouth and tongue were hot and insistent against mine. Just then a camera flashed blue in the corner of my eyes. Great! someone was taking pictures!

Sheniqua gave me that look that made me melt again and we moved to the stove. She pulled me towards her, hand creeping under my short skirt. I felt her narrow fingers hesitate as they reached the huge gap in my tights, before navigating expertly to stroke my pussy through my panties.

“This is too…public” I murmured breathlessly in her dark chocolate ear.

“Let’s go in the bathroom!” She pulled me into the narrow bathroom before I could decide if I wanted to protest, pressing me up against the wall under a shower of kisses.

In one move she swooped down and pulled my tights and panties down around my ankles.

Her breath kissed my second lips before her mouth. I clutched the sink with both hands to steady myself as her tongue avidly and expertly licked every inch of my pussy!

I gasped for breath as fireworks shot off inside my head and my legs trembled in my heels.

She raised up for a moment to turn me around, grabbing me by the hair. She hesitated a minute when the wig came off my head into her hand before rotating me firmly and licking me avidly from the back.

She brought me around again to the front and I bent around her as she ate, body folded in half and hands caressing her apple-sized tits.

I never thought I could hold myself in that position while wearing heels but I stayed standing as she rocked my world up down and sideways! Finally she raised up and pressed her mouth against mine, the rich sweet delicious taste of my sex filling my senses!

“I wanna fuck you so bad” She moaned throatily, thrusting her hips at me–and there was no doubt that if she had a strap she’d be putting it on me in that moment!

She found a position on my thigh, rubbing her clit against it. I rocked in rhythm with her pleasure. “Oh! I wanna cum!” She called out, energy washing back and forth between us as first a ripple then a torrent of pleasure ripped through her body.

She leaned against me for a minute as we caught our breath.

“Here,” she said, stepping away from me as I pulled up my panties and bad-ass fancy fishnets, “Put on your wig.”


  1. wow, was part 4 EVAH worth the wait…. holy smokes! I think there’s steam coming off my computer!

    • Glad you like!

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