Trick…(Halloween Pt 3)

Start the night.

Two hot brown women kissing

I Just Read This Blog For the Pictures

The squat Latina angel flounced in, her white leotard hugging every curve and white tulle skirt barely covering her spandex bottoms. Not a good  look for her, I thought, quietly bemoaning the loss of the tomboy who greeted me at the door.

It was picture time, and I posed with the ladies. Looking back at the pictures, I towered over thick and juicy Gina and the small boned narrow Sheniqua. Adelina was a dwarf in front of me at under 5′.

Sheniqua posed for one picture with her thick booty pressed against my crotch, bouncing in time to the music. I matched her rythm along gamely. Was she?…naw!

She rolled another joint and pulled me into the porch doorway to smoke it–and–standing close to me as she was–she gave me that look. That look. That smile that says: I want you!

I just about melted into it, smiling involuntarily back.

But..wait…isn’t she straight?

She smiled at me, deeper and unmistakably direct. The look of a player.

She’s straight alright–a straight stud!

I thought as she leaned in to kiss me.

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  1. Nice. All four parts. I’m a new reader. Write more soon. Thanks for posting.

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