Meet the “Straight Girl” (Halloween Pt 2)

"Lesbians Don't Know Dick"


Start the night off  with Lezplay Halloween PT 1

“I wish I could smoke!” Gina said as I rolled a joint. “But I’m planning on being an RN–and they drug test!”

“Girl,” The narrow boned woman sucked her teeth next to her. “I smoke blunts ALL. DAY. LONG. And that’s my job.”

“Well how do you do it?” I asked, twisting up a J.

“I got four kids.” Shiniqua replied. “I line them up outside the bathroom–tell them: ain’t none of y’all going to school until Mama gets some pee!  Put it in a little bottle like this.” She grabbed a shot bottle. “Then I put in the microwave for a minute. You gotta put it right up against the skin.” She lifted her skirt to reveal a sliver of dark chocolate skin above her leggings, tucking the empty bottle in.

I lit my joint and took a hit. I’m usually a decent roller, but this weed was super sticky and I could barely pull through.

I handed it off to Shiniqua with a grimaced apology at my rolling job. She took a deep drag and glared at the joint.

“So, you’re all lesbians?” She asked somewhat skeptically, and we nodded. “Like, I don’t get that. I don’t get the whole ‘lesbian thing'”

“It’s an emotional thing.” A Latina in a Harlequin costume replied. And the rest of us tried to explain too. But it’s a hard thing to explain lesbian attraction to someone who hasn’t felt it.

“I don’t know,” She raised her eyebrows sceptically. “I need the dick!” She dropped low, undulating her thick booty to simulate some dick riding. “I used to only date white men,” she said, jumping up and taking the joint back from me, lighting, sucking and glaring. “I wouldn’t give black men the time of day! But then this nigga put it on me! I was turned out!”

What followed was a very strange interlude where she and two “lesbians” talked excitedly about the first time they had black dick. Not like a conversation, but three monologues all at once–their enthusiastic descriptions overlapping as I gazed on in bemusement.

It’s not that I don’t have my own story about being turned out by black dick, it’s just that I am so past that now that I don’t even really like thinking about it.

I like pussy.

So. Much. More!

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