Lezplay Halloween PT 1

White skin, black dress, red boa, funky-ass tights

My bad-ass fancy fishnets ripped at the crotch as I put them on. “Fuck it I’m wearing them!” I muttered, gritting my teeth as I worked them higher up my thighs and hips, thankful that I bought the size  C/Ds instead of the A/Bs the salesclerk recommended!

I shimmied into a black cocktail dress, secured my reddish-brown curly wig, and topped it off with a red feather boa, devil horns and a tail. That’s my idea of a costume–sexy and cheap! (Last year I went as a stud.)

I grabbed my boots and headed out into the unseasonably early snow.
That’s right, I said snow. On Halloween. In Massachusetts. And they say Global climate change isn’t real!

Thankful for my Colorado driving skills, I wove through the nearly horizontal snow, dodging downed trees and clueless drivers.

I got to the party at the same time as my friends, and we were greeted at the front door by a squat Latina in a scruffy t-shirt & sweatpants.
“This is the Adelina, the birthday girl” my friend introduced her, and her face lit up with joy at seeing me like I was her birthday present.

She gave me a big smile and a long, lingering hug. Just then a tall, big-boned woman dressed like superwoman walked in.

“Why don’t you have your costume on?” Superwoman twanged imperiously, and the tomboy retreated to the other room. “Oh hi, welcome!” She smiled at us.

To be continued…


  1. !

  2. You know what I learned this Halloween? Never wear Fence Net tights without underwear. Just a friendly tip. 😉

    • Is that what those are called? I sure was wearing underwear lol! What happened?

  3. You must update this story. Come on. Ha! You have my attention.

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