Sporty Dykes

A goofy sporty dyke lifts her shirt

I was recently asked me to write about the differences between Doms/Studs in the POC and Butches in the white lesbian community for Din Mag but I’m finding it surprisingly difficult. I should be in a good position to write such an article, seeing as I’m a white, stud-appreciating femme who moves between the two communities–but–I don’t know–it’s hard to feel like I can give a fair accounting accounting of both groups.

Because, you see, I’m biased. I like black women. I feel more at home with and drawn to lesbians of color than to “my own” (Even with the evil looks some black women give me when I’m the only white girl in the club)

I can’t stand being at many white dominated clubs: the plaid, the greasy hair, the sour smell, the rhythmless dancing and off-key Melissa Etheridge covers. Ugh!

Which doesn’t mean I don’t like white butches. I like dapper butches who smell good and wear dress shirts and ties. (Not all the time, but if you’re going out, why not dress up?)

What I don’t like/cannot get down with are “sporty dykes”  (And no, playing sports is not what makes a lesbian “sporty” there are butches and studs who play sports but don’t read as sporty. Don’t ask me to explain it.)

They’re  always drunk and in a pack at the club,  with their jeans and  t-shirts, greasy hair and ball caps–randomly wrestling, grinding off-tempo in lines,  or spilling drinks all over the dance floor.

Ugh! There is nothing more depressing than looking out at a room full of lesbians and not being attracted to ANY OF THEM!

Nothing personal, they’re just no more attractive than most men to me. And they don’t seem to know what to do with me either, in my fancy femme club clothes–unless I’m dressed butch!

On a recent adventure out as a butch I was pulled into a line dance with six or so sloppy sporty dykes gyrating off-tempo.

I went with it bemusedly until I just couldn’t take the lack of rhythm any longer! I was kind of shocked. These kind of women never looked twice at me before, but just because I’m wearing a wife beater and suspenders I’m now one of them?

I don’t know. I feel like an asshole for writing this. For all sporty women dominate certain clubs (cough, Queereoke), they’re only a subset of the white lesbian scene. I know lots of white LBTQ’s who I quite like, and am even sometimes attracted to. And it’s nothing personal against them, just, ah, not my scene.

I want to write something for Din Mag that helps bridge the gaps between the races, not just bashes the white lesbian community!

And I will. I just had to get that off of my chest first.


  1. Ah, yes. The “softball dyke” as I call them. I took this great photo at Pride this summer of a whole line of them dressed identically: plaid cargo shorts, sport branded t-shirt, messenger bag, pony-tail in a baseball cap. The look doesn’t bother me as much as their overly-egotistical attitudes and douche bag ways. I would give one a chance is she could peal herself away from her clan of look-a-likes and said something more decent to me then “nice tits”.

    • I was looking for a pic like that for this post! Honestly I rarely get close enough to them to really analyze their ways. My ex hung w/them a lot though, and I came to strongly dislike her friends when they advised her to ditch me in favor of her ex (who was not actually available) because she was more “hot.”

      Also, do you have a blog?

  2. Hahaha! I like EXACTLY the type of women you don’t! I wish I didn’t like sporty dykes though. They will break your heart.

    • Haha you can have them!

      Any woman’s liable to break your heart darlin!

      PS. If you wanna write a guest post about what you love about sporty dykes, consider this your invitation!

  3. I’m with natasiarose, and I think you know that over our few conversations about it on Twitter. I think I’m just attracted to the strong shoulders. Something about those damn shoulders. But me and sports dykes don’t go along well for long term commitments. I’m too much of a sports lover, but not player, to be with one of them. They want to go out and throw the football or softball or something. I kind of stick with the “sports lesbians” like me. The ones who watch it and might play it every once in a while, but not really. But she’s also right about them being heartbreakers. They will walk away and not even look back twice. I think I love the way they carry themselves.. Yeah.. I think that’s it.

    • That’s cool. To each their own! We can’t help the way we feel–from attraction to repulsion.

      I totally dated a jock and learned to like sports through her eyes a little. I like throwing a ball around with the kids too!

      I feel you on strong shoulders–totally hot!

  4. Ah, sporty dykes. Spilling drinks all over me since 2003. Gotta love ’em.

    They do make for some funny-bad Queeraoke, however. 😛

    Do we butches really have greasy hair? I don’t think mine is greasy and I’ve never noticed anything particularly slippery about the hairstyles I see at clubs. Unless you’re talking about all those fauxhawks?

    And plaid is life, buddy. 😉

    • I have not run into a to of greasy butches. Usually it is overuse of hair product, makes it hard to run my fingers through your hair.

      And plaid, yum. Butch + Plaid = Hotness.

      • I’m talking about sporty dykes-not necessarily the same as butches! Maybe it’s product that makes it look greasy-__-

        And we’ll just have to agree to disagree on plaid!

    • You do not have greasy hair. You and your girlfriend shone among the sporty dykes @ queereoke that one time I stood in the back people watching while waiting for my then-girlfriend!

      Butches in general don’t tend to have greasy hair (except for faux hawks–which I also don’t care for) it’s the sporty butches who look greasy!

      And I’m okay with creative uses for plaid, but it’s just WAY overused!

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