Buzzing Over My Guest Post! Updated

I know it’s been a minute–the last post was hard to follow up on–but I have been busy! Please check out my guest post: “A Boston Femme in Philly” on Buzzcuts and Bustiers!

I have one word for y’all:


(And toy shops…now do you wanna click over?)

Very sexy full figured femme in a corset


  1. Next time you come to Philly, let me know, maybe we can get a drink together. 🙂

    I haven’t went to the lesbian bars here and I’ve heard the same thing with regards to racial diversity. So sad considering there are so many queer people of color here!

    • Oh man I lost track that you’re in Philly! I definitely will, although with the passing of my grandparents I don’t get down there often!

      Likewise, you should let me know if you’re ever in Boston!

      It was very strange to contrast the diversity I saw on the streets–even among lesbians in the Gayborhood–with what I saw in the club! Still, I would recommend checking it out. You live in a city with an actual Dyke bar–how cool is that?

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