Missed Sounds

I was all excited to catch the Sounds of Pride Tour hosted by Pookz and DZ from Studology101 along with JayneDoe, Bostons own M3rcedes Diaz and more! Unfortunately, by the time I got free of my kids, got stood up by my Internet “date” and drove all the way out to frigging Randolph–not only had they already performed–they were gone!

Now who the hell’s bright idea was it for them to fly all the way out to the Bean to perform at 8:30 at an under-promoted (through Boston Lesbian channels) show way the hell out in Randalph? And why was the how so short with so many artists?

I can’t blame them for leaving before 11. I hope they come again and perform for a more Urban crowd–like, actually in Boston. And at a more reasonable time. Who the hell hits the club at 8:30?

Sounds of Pride came to Boston and all I got were some fucking hot flyers!

(Thanks for the fucking hot flyers, btw!)

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