In Space, No One Can Hear You Tweet

Winking Twitter Bird

I’m on Twitter Bitches!

Ok, I’m sorry, you’re not a bitch, I shouldn’t have called you that. Really–well, except for you, yes, you–you know who you are!

Actually I’ve been on twitter for a while, but, I’m embarrassed to say, I didn’t have a fucking clue of how to use it!

Then today I randomly checked it, and saw that Bren made a comment to Studology101, then she was following me–I was following her–and, bam! A light clicked on and I suddenly understood how twitter works. Yay me!

So, anyways, you can follow me @JustaNothaWW

(PS. Bren–or the Beaver Whisperer–also answered my question on safe-sex today! You can follow her @buzzcutbustier)

UPDATE: Apparently Bren is not the Beaver Whisperer…it seems that is a mysterious ghostly femme lol!


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  1. Hey, just a heads up – I’m not the Beaver Whisperer. 😉 There are some mysterious femme voices on my site, too!

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