It’s a “Girl Thing”

Close up of the sexy Hip Hop Artist Feloni with her fine dreds


I’m so excited! My #1 Favorite out* hip hop artist Feloni’s song has been featured on VH1’s Single Ladies!

Here’s the copy that landed in my inbox from what I think is the first newsletter I’ve gotten from Trish ever since I subscribed**:

“Girl Thing feat. Feloni” from Lori Michaels’ debut album, “Living My Life Out Loud” co-written (rap) and performed by Feloni, is featured in VH1’s new series “Single Ladies” episode 2 (Indecent Proposal), starring Stacy Dash, LisaRay McCoy, Charity Shea, Cassandra Clementi and D B Woodson. Queen Latifah is also one of the Executive Producers of the show.  The show is shot in Atlanta and is being called the urban “Sex in The City.”  Lori Michaels’ “Meet me at The Party” is also ftr in Ep 3, “Confidence Games.”  You can purchase these songs on iTunes under Lori Micheals’ debut album listed above.

*I still have love for my Hip Hop Divas living in the closet, but, you know, I got a special place in my heart for those brave enough to come out.

**The email said it was from Patricia Best , and I spent like 5 minutes wondering who she was was and how she knew I liked Feloni–Guess I’m a little slow lol. (Feloni’s real name is Trish Best.)

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