Let’s Be Friends

Hot mostly naked softballer

No Actual Nudity Was Involved in the Making of This Post

I had the brilliant idea that now that Noma and I were no longer “going out,” it would be a good idea to introduce her to my kids. Actually, it was a pretty fucking brilliant idea. You see, my daughter’s softball season was ending, and she seemed to back-and-forth on whether she liked it or not. I thought that introducing her to a grown-up woman who plays softball would be a good idea, and Noma agreed to come and practice with the kids.

I had been reluctant to introduce her previously, because I am very hesitant to introduce anyone who I am dating to my kids unless things are starting to get serious. After putting my son through hell after I left his father for my daughter’s father, I was determined not to do that again. Also, I figure my kids don’t need to see me with an endless parade of women. When I find someone who I really think I can settle down with–then I’ll introduce her to my kids. But friends? Really, my kids don’t see enough of my friends!

So, anyways, it went great! Noma was fantastic pitching to, and coaching my kids, I had fun fielding the ball–a good time was had by all! By the end of two hours, my son–more of a computer nerd than a sports geek–was so enthused that he declared a desire to join little leaugue.

Well, so far so good! Operation prove-to-Noma-that-ex’s-can-actually-be-friends-while-giving-my-kids-sports-inspiration off to a brilliant start!

“Thanks again!” I said, giving Noma a goodbye hug. “I’ll see you on Wednesday!”

“Wednesday?” She looked taken aback.

“Yeah, at that event..?”

“Oh yeah, Wednesday!

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