The Bug

Two white women's hands with rings on them touching tenderly

So I’m reading all these blogs about happy married couples, and I’ve really got the bug! I keep reading about women getting rings–birthday rings, engagement rings–and it occurs to me that no one I’ve dated has ever bought me anything–well, my last girl bought me a box of girlscout cookies, and paid for drinks and our first meal (but wasn’t that  kinda cancelled out by the time she ordered all the fancy shit for breakfast, then had her card declined and I had to pay?)
I’ve never dated anyone who even gave me a birthday card or present! Although I often bought things for them.

Bah I really know how to pick em!

I’ve made a vow to at least stop dating drug dealers and musicians–especially drug-dealing musicians!
And anyone living on public housing. Also no more out-of-work construction workers.

The next woman I date needs to be grown and sexy–mature, thoughtful, career oriented and engaged in her community. The kind of person who would take the time to consider my tastes and buy me a birthday present, it doesn’t have to be some fancy-ass ring, just something to show she gives a fuck.

It’s not that I want a sugar mama to shower me with gifts–I just want to meet someone responsible and considerate–also single and not hung up on her ex!

You know, I live in a rich neighborhood, work downtown with the yuppies, but I guess I have poverty in my soul. I always seem to fall for people who are totally unsuited for the “normal” life that I crave–that I need to provide stability for my children.

Noma was really the first person I’ve dated who had a real job/career.

I think it’s because I came of age on the streets. I always seem to be attracted to hustlers. Two-bit hustlers, at that. I know I need to find someone who has gone through some shit. But she needs to have come out the other side–or at least be working her way out of it.

Ten years from now I dream of living in the country with my wife–both of us working on our careers–maybe building our dream house on the weekends.(Okay, so I have a thing for power tools lol)

But even we’re living in a condo in the city, it would mean so much to me to have someone that loves me and who I love! A real partnership! Someone who knows how to apologize and accept an apology. Someone who plans special things for me to show that she cares. And who I can do the same for.

So, searching for Ms. Right,  I hope I know her when I see her.

Back to the dating scene of this small, small lesbian community.



  1. LOL Drug dealing musicians? Jackpot!

    • I know–right? I’m embarrassed by how many drug-dealing musicians I’ve actually dated–I even became a dealer myself briefly when I was dating a grower!

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