P-Town Adventures Part 4: Second Thoughts

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A slender white woman sits pensively, half dressed in white on a bed.

I felt a little uneasy as I took a shower after our love-making. Did I like the strap too much? Am I still a lesbian if I like dick–even plastic dick-that much? How was this going to change our sexual dynamic?

Up until then things had been fairly mutual–we were fucking each-other or at least taking turns–but with the strap it was all about her fucking me. Very much the one-way dynamic that I had with stone-studs. Would I still get to explore new ways of pleasing her with my thighs, mouth, and fingers? Would she always want to strap for me–or would she want me to strap on for her? I’ve fantasized about strapping before–but in my fantasies it was always with a femme– I’m not sure I could do it with a stud.

I put those thoughts aside as I prepared to go out. I decided not to wash my hair–even though it was greasy–because I thought it would look worse wet. It was also too cold to wear the cover-up that I had planned, so I was stuck with the going-home outfit that I packed–not horrible, but not my nicest look.

Argh! So much for looking good for my girl! She didn’t seem to mind, though. We headed out to the pool party.

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