Provincetown is So Gay!

Cabaret Girls

Part two of P-Town Adventures. Start the adventure here.

I got to P-Town at midnight. Noma greeted me at the cute little cabin. She was tired, but fine as always. We talked a bit, then started kissing and grinding. After things got pretty hot and heavy, she lead me into the bedroom.

“I need to tell you–” I said reluctantly, “I have a yeast infection.”
“Oh!” She recoiled.
“But it’s ok–I can still do you–I’ll be better tomorrow!” I promised, hoping it was true.
“No, that’s okay. We can wait till tomorrow.” She replied.
Lying next to her in the double-bed that dominated the tiny room, I realized that it had been a long time since I had slept–actually slept–with an adult.

How long had it been? My daughter’s father and I shared a bed uneasily, stealing each-others covers and competing for room on the bed, and we ended up sleeping separately.
I guess that the last adult that I slept comfortably with was my sons father, almost nine years ago. There was little sexual desire between the two of us, but the spooning was divine!

Lack of desire was not a problem with Noma, and the sexual tension between us made for fitful sleeping. Every time one of us moved the other woke up.

Finally at 7AM I needed to get out of there.

Cabin with wild roses

The sharp salt air hit my nose as I stepped outside. Wild pink beach roses bloomed along pituresque cottages against a clear blue sky.

I wandered over to Commercial Street, spotting a local coffee shop. A sporty lesbian couple with matching big dogs sat along the side, while a bunch of old fags congregated out front.

I settled down to people-watching with what was simultaneously the worst and most expensive mocha that I’ve ever had.

A young gay couple settled down in front of me, one of them swishing heavily. Upon sensing my gaze, he suddenly switched to a more masculine style, then moved so that I couldn’t see him. Did he think I was judging him? Wasn’t I in P-Town too?

Just then a siren went off and I looked up to see a garishly painted drag queen bicycling down the street at the head of a mini bike and motorcycle parade. Provincetown is so gay!

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