Femme Packing Part 2

Prety light brown femme in lingerie

If You're Not Into Shopping--Just Look At The Pictures!

Start at the beginning with Part 1–what, I mean packing for a trip–what did you think I meant?

Then today I started panicking. What would I wear to bed? Do I even own three nice pairs of underwear?

I sleep in over-sized men’s T’s and sweatpants that are slowly disintegratng into rags, and buy my panties in packages. I have one, maybe two black cotton panties for going out–but that’s it!

I was super-embarrassed when I went to Israel some years ago with a group aand forgot to pack any sleeping gear at all–I’d been sleeping in a T-shirt so long by myself, I didn’t even think about what it would be like to bunk up with a bunch of straight femmes with all their girly PJ’s.

So I raced to Marshall’s on my lunch break, hoping to find some decent PJ’s and panties. As I opened the door I caught my reflection in the mirror, and was once again struck by my own female masculinity–here I was, racing to buy all these girly things, but even with my long hair, and women’s clothes, I still saw a boi reflected in the glass. I even walk like a guy when I’m not thinking about it.

But whatever, I know I’ll feel all feminine when my boo is in the room.

Marshall’s was sadly lacking in the panties department. The only cotton panties were garishly colored monstrosities, and i can’t wear polyester panties, cause honey, the kitty needs to breathe!

I did score a cute little black dress–although who’s bright idea was it to add pockets?

I’ll just have to make do on the PJ’s and undies front–hopefully she’ll be too busy trying to take them off to care!

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