Wednesday Night Part 2: Ask and Ye Shall Recieve

Big booy in jeans

My Boo's is Better

Start the night here.

The rest of the night was fun: a small crowd gathered on the dance floor, and it was nice that everyone on the floor had some skills.

I walked Noma to her car–and our intense kisses soon lead to more intensity in the back seat As our lips entwined and our hands roamed, I remembered all-over-again how much I love her ass–I mean, I have a nice ass for a white girl, but she has a badonkadonk! A stud with a big ass and nice titts? A nice smile and great personality–do you wonder why I’m falling for her? (Although I usually think of it in the opposite order when I’m not gripping said ass.)

I never dated anyone with a nice ass before, and I always figured that regardless of how it looked, all asses pretty much feel nice in the dark. I was so wrong! Her ass feels just as amazing as it looks!

*     *     *

During a lull in our intense, frustrated grinding I finally worked up the courage to ask her if she’d ever tried a strap.

“You like to strap?” She did a little double-take and gave me a huger-than usual smile.
“Well,” I demured, “I’ve only done it once…”
“I’ve done it three or four–a bunch of times.”
“Do you have one?”
“Well yeah…I am the boi…I have a few…”
“Why didn’t you say?” I asked.
“Well, not everyone likes it…but we can–the next time you come to my house…” her face lit up. “Are you free tomorrow?” she asked. After not expressing any particular desire to see me till Sunday, if then, suddenly she wanted to see me tomorrow!

“We’ll both still have our periods tomorrow.” I reminded her.
“Oh yeah.” Her face fell, before lighting up again”Next weekend then!”

I can’t wait for next weekend! My first time in P-Town for Women of Color Weekend, and taking things to the next level with my sexy soft stud!

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