First Post

So a while ago bloggers were all putting up their first post, and I never got around to mine…but I just went back and looked at it. The first was basically my about page. The about page has changed a little since then, and you can check it out if you want to, but it’s my second post that I think is worth re-posting:

Street Encounter

So the other day I was walking downtown when a tall man with Dreadlocks approached me.

“You don’t seem like a normal white woman” He says to me.

I swallow. “Thanks, I think.”

“I’m raising money for an organization for black children to end racism.” He holds up a clipboard. I explain to him that as a single unemployed mother, the most I can donate is a dollar. He thinks for a moment, but seems to decide a dollar isn’t worth it.

“Thanks anyway.” He says as I walk away. “Don’t be racist”

“Well, I’d have to be racist against my daughter.”

You should have seen his double-take.

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