Happy Mothers Day…

To Me!

Close up of black and white lips kissing

My and My Girl (Minus the Lipstick)

The best present a mother could get is really great sex. (From a really sexy non-related adult)

Especially really great sex which does not lead to children.

My favorite thing about being a lesbian would have to be: sex with women!

My Second favorite thing about being a lesbian is the fact that although I have mind-blowingly great sex, there is 0.0000% percent chance that it will result in pregancy. (I’m sorry, I know that this is something that some of my readers struggle with–but–having already procreated, it’s how I feal.)

I woke up this morning feeling so good, so satiated!

You see, last night I finally got to have some “quality time” with the soft stud Noma that I’ve been seeing. And by “quality time” I mean we fucked each other’s brains out! After a month and a half of broken or time-constrained dates, it was much needed! I really was feeling like every cell in my body was about to explode at any minute from unbearable horniness. And–I don’t know why-but masturbation only took the edge of.

Does everyone else feel that way? If so, how does society continue to function? I can’t believe I once went three years celibate!

Noma is so thick, so fine, so sexy! I love how aggressive she is in the bedroom. We actually broke the downstairs futon and had to move upstairs!

I also love how enthusiastically she receives. And female ejaculation? It’s real. I feel like such a Mack lol.

So, anyways, Happy Mother’s Day! I hope mothers everywhere got to wake up with that happy, healthy, just-got-laid glow!


  1. Such a bold and open post. All I can say is…..Congrats!!!!


  2. Thanks LiVia! Been enjoting your blogg too! Yup, bold and open describes this Blog to a T šŸ˜‰ I think that’s why it’s anonymous lol.

  3. I read this post again when you posted to my Blog. Made me smile all over again. I’m back to normal(kinda) and just made a post about the madness going on in Wisconsin. I also took the liberty to subscribe to your blog. Hope you don’t mind.


  4. Good to hear! You had me worried there!

    Of course I don’t mind:-)

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