How Many Gays Must God Create?

If only there were more Minnesotans (and humans) like this guy:


  1. Oh wow. I really love your blog! Some juicy reading for sure. I’ve seen you around, in various mutual places and don’t know why I haven’t discovered this page before. You’re stuck now, sorry. I am unpacking my boxes and moving in.

    I don’t know why straight homophobes think they’re the only ones who have a right to this world. Maybe in 50 years (or less if we’re lucky) the thought that queers are a disease to society, and need to be converted, will be as outrageous as Hitler’s concept of an aryan race is to us now. I hope “tolerance” isn’t something which includes tolerating their intolerance. I vote we throw out the term “tolerance” any way. Why must a gay person be “tolerated”? They should be unquestionably accepted by birthright. Tolerance is something a kind-hearted and forgiving queer has for narrow-minded, bigoted homophobes.

    • Hey thank you Rexie! Glad you like. I’ve also seen you around the inter-webs. Welcome, please, make yourself at home! (Out of curiosity, how did you find my page?)

      I agree, the word tolerance is loaded with condescension.

      • Thanks for the warm welcome! I believe I followed an enticing suggestion you left in a comment on Hot Damn’s page to find you. Annnnddd judging by the today’s posts, the follow-through did not disappoint. 😉

      • Nice! If you go through the “Stud Appreciation” Category it’s all pictures;-)

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