Refund Reward

Rainbow Dildo

Decisions, Decisions

So, i just got my check back from Uncle Sam, and after I pay off my credit card, library fines and back rent, I just miiight have some extra for a lil sumpin’ sump’

I let my fingers do the walking on Babeland–but how to choose? (Note, I do not have any connection to Babeland whatsoever, but if anyone wants to send me free sex toys to review, I will happily give my honest opinion…hint hint…;-)

My first thought was: vibrator. I realised recently that my toy box has become the place that I store my batteries. I’m cheap, and all my vibrators are cheap/boring/broken. Maybe I just need a really good, high quality one?

I found some pretty interesting options:

This one looks a little wacky

wheel of rotating fake tongues--I'm not kidding, that's really what this is!

Hmm…not really what I have in mind…

This one is beautiful…but…IDK…pricey…

Vibrator that looks like a cross between a flower and a pacifier

looks like a cross between a flower and a pacifier

Maybe something more traditional like a rabbit?

beautiful stylized rabbit

rechargable, beautiful, pricey

rabbit habbit vibrator

Classic...I guess..

I had a rabbit before, but the cleaning fluid didn’t work as advertised and I got a yeast infection. Maybe that’s when I stopped using sex toys…?

Perhaps something more like this…

Hot pink U-shaped dildo/vibrator for clit & g-spot stimulation

This could save me some hand strain...

I’m a little nervous about the care and cleaning of sex toys. How do you sterilize something that may not be waterproof and is electronic? My friend cleans her dildos in the dishwasher, but even if my toys were dishwasher friendly, it’s hard to imagine my mom being all that excited about penises in with the dishes…

What I really want is a strap-on.

I’m not going to get into everything that’s behind that desire…but I’ve been wanting one for a while. I think I’ve found the strap that I’d like, but I don’ know what to put in it. I know some women like me like something large, but some women barely like anything at all, and some might like g-spot curved ones. That really seems like something a couple should choose together. I wish I was steady enough with the woman that I’ve been dating to ask her, but she barely has time for me, and I don’t feel like we’re there yet.

I don’t know, though, maybe if I just buy something, say, this:

Strap On head on

Reccomended Strap Kit

Maybe, if I buy it, she will come…or I will…

What do you think? Any advice?


  1. My butch packs long and thick which is good for my size-queen self. I say get what you’re interested in and when you’re with someone you want to please, pick one out together.

    • That’s what I like too! It looks like I’ll be spending that money on a weekend in P-Town w/my Soft Stud. I’m sure we’ll have fun even without toys!

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