Hot Salsa Mess Part 3

ruinous brick wall

Start the adventure with Hot Salsa Mess Part 1

I wanted nothing more then to go home and gargle a bottle of listerine. But I had unfinished business.

Looking around, Mena’s bodyguard was no where to be seen, so I made my way up the stage. I figured we had been looking at each other all night, we might as well talk.

“Hi.” I said, sitting down next to her.
“Hi” she replied.

I wanted to talk with her the way I used to do. I wanted to ask if she had gotten a job that didn’t treat her like shit…if that guy in her apartment was still after her… if she’d given in and slept with that prostitute she used to obsess over.

I wanted to tell her that that butch she saw me dancing with had only fucked me, but she had strapped on for me–just like I always hoped Mena would–and it was amazing. (Okay maybe not everything I wanted to say was nice.)

I wanted to tell her that now I was dating a soft stud, and  I really liked her…

I wanted to just talk, that raw girl talk we used to have, like we were friends, the way we used too.

But as strong as the cord was between us, the wall between us was powerful too.

So I just said:
“How are you doing?”
“I’m good.”
“Ok, just wanted to say hi.”

And I drove home to go rinse my mouth out.

*      *     *

The next day I asked my friend how she knew Mena was the stud I was talking about–was I that obvious?

“It was her” she replied. “She was just standing there, watching, looking uncomfortable. At one point I saw her glaring at me–and thought–I must have danced with her ex–and I guess I did.”

Yeah. I guess she did.

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