Hot Salsa Mess Part 2

Legs of people grinding

Start the Adventure with Hot Salsa Mess Part 1

After all that drama I had to smoke a bowl. I walked up the darkened street, inhaling the sweet pungent smoke into my lungs.

Back in the club, I had a beer and worked my way onto the crowded dance floor.

Bouncing between women, I felt more than one ass press against my crotch–and stay there. Although I usually move away from such random contact–did she really mean to press up against me like that? This time I just decided to go with it until the femme moved her ass elsewhere.

I bounced around the dance floor until I got welcomed into a group of two older white butches and a femme I judged to be only slightly older than me.
“Four is better than three!” The femme exclaimed, although she and I danced for a few minutes before the cuter, suaver butch scooped her up possessively.

So I danced with the other butch. She had a well-meaning, super-goofy white dancing style, but just enough rhythm for me to work with.

Actually, I had a hard time paying attention to my dancing partner because i suddenly noticed Mena sitting on a stage overlooking me.  Although she avoided my eyes, I felt the force of her gaze like a dark cord connecting her to me.

it  was around that time that I was body-checked by Carlotta, a tomboi who has a “thing” for (with?) Mena. (When Mina & I were first dating she introduced herself as a “close personal friend.)” I turned around and we exchanged fake smiles, as we always do.

Everywhere I turned Carlotta was there,  like a linebacker defending her team (did I get that right? I’m shite for football).

I wandered away a bit, and was drawn into dancing with a small curvy white femme and her butchish girlfriend. We sandwiched her between us as she rubbed her apple breasts against me  and I pressed my thigh against her sweet spot. I tried to give the boi some attention too, as we clasped hands around her girl–but our “innocent” dance was ruined when the tomboi mashed her lips against mine.

Ewwww! Okay, it’s one thing to dance sexy with strangers, but I draw the line at exchanging spit with someone I don’t know–okay, okay, there was that one time–but she was hot and so were her kisses! And this chick was just foul. I really did think that although we were dancing intimately, there were some boundaries to what one did with strangers.

As I wiped my lips–wishing I could wipe my memory–the pallid, long-haired butch reached around her girl to rub her fingers between my legs. Yup, this had gone way, way too far!

Thankfully, the song ended just then and I untangled myself gracefully as the couple attacked each other.

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