Hot Salsa Mess Part 1

Hot Salsa Mama

The night was off to a bad start when I turned around to see my ex, the stone stud Mena. The one I told to “lose my number.” (But I kept hers–I want to know who she is if she calls me again)
“Oh, hi.” I said, warmly and without thinking, “I haven’t seen you in a while.”
“Yeah, hi.” she replied, smiling awkwardly.
Wasn’t I just talking today about how nice it was that I hadn’t run into her. Since  Pure ended?
I squinted at her–was there something different about her? (She wasn’t wearing a hat. She always wears a hat!) Oh well, I didn’t have time to worry bout it, I was going to learn how to Salsa!

Twenty or so women–including another former lover of mine–were already learning the merengue. Hmm..although I’m actually on good terms with this ex lover (we had a one-night fling–I don’t tell you everything), I’m going to have watch myself. It’s a small lesbian community, and two ex lovers in the same room strikes me as two too many.

Anyways, she smiled at me, and twirled me in her arms. I had taken a merengue lesson years ago, and felt pretty confident. I was a little tense, though, and she was just learning the step, so we were just a tad off.

Was I tense because of the lingering tension between us? Because my ex was standing there watching us? Her eyes burning a hole through my dress? Because I really, really, needed a drink?


I saw Mena laughing at me as we changed partners and switched to salsa. Salsa dancing is sooo much harder than merengue-at least without a skilled lead. I did my best to block the snickering out as my partner and I groped for the steps: step-step-step pause, step-step-step pause. I think I’m going to need either a lot more lessons or a lot more practice!

My friend went for her coat after the lesson.
“Youre leaving already?”
“Yup, I can’t be keeping these late hours.”
“So, you know that stud I told you about? She’s here.”
“The one in the Celtics jersey?”
How did she know? Was I that obvious?

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