Gaydar Fail: Straight Butch Professionals

Mary Carillo--Butch & Possibly Straight

Mary Carillo--Butch & Probably Straight

So my Gaydar has failed me three times recently–okay, make that 2 1/2 times. The first time was the bright blue-eyed, polished butch who waits at my bus stop. I was sure, make that positive–that she was a lesbian. Well, I was sure until she slid the words “my husband” almost guiltily into a sentence with the fake offhand casualness usually reserved for queers mentioning their “partners.” Or was that my over-sensitive imagination? Did she guess that I thought she was gay, and felt that she had to come-out as straight? Does she know that she comes off as a total Dyke? Maybe she’s Bi and embarrassed that she landed in a Het relationship?

Again I got fooled at my new job. Part of why I felt comfortable coming out was that everything about one of the higher-ups screamed lesbian to me–from her boxy horn-rimmed glasses to her awkward gait and slightly masculine suits. But then today I noticed she was wearing heals! And she too dropped the “H” bomb.

The third woman I only slightly suspected of being gay. Mostly it was the rainbow earings.

What is it with these straight butch women in the workforce? They totally blow my gaydar!



  1. Trust the ping. It’s never wrong. 😉

  2. maybe carillo is bi maybe gay whatever, She is what she is. what does
    it realy matter, if she were you of me we would’t care. so let he live her sheltered life, she’s probably miserable, being all alone not being
    out; you probably remember how that was. Maybe someday she’ll be
    strong enough to trust and take a chance! And come OUT! Aimee GAY
    any HAPPY!

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