On Valentines Day Cami texted me and we set up a date for that Thursday. (Go back to Speed Dating for the back-story)

Despite the fact that I gave her my number, Noma connected with me that evening on Facebook. (How did she find me anyways? She told me she had her ways.) We set up a date for the following Tuesday. Now that’s a great Valentines Day for a single lady, the promise of two dates with nice, sexy studs!

When Thursday came I was maybe a little too excited about my date–probably because it was much more fun to anticipate a date then worry about the test I had to take directly before-hand. Cami asked what types of food I liked, suggesting Chinese, Italian and Mexican. I hadn’t had good Mexican food in ages, so I latched on to that. That’s when I found out that she was not Native American, as I thought, but Mexican. (Or rather, she is Native American, probably, but from the South.)

When I picked her up from work we had one of those “you don’t look like I remember from the Club” moments. She was shorter than I thought, and without her fitted cap she came off as more of a tomboi than the hard stud I thought she was. The chemistry wasn’t there. She says she was drunk when we met, and I guess I liked her better with her drunk, out-going, more masculine side showing. The quiet tomboy and I didn’t seem to really click.

The food was spicy but our conversation was bland. The more she talked about the extended loving, supportive family that raised her the more self-conscious I became over my own broken home. The more she talked about helping troubled kids and street kids, the more I felt like a candidate for her social work, rather than a relationship. It was like one of those job interviews where they sell you on the job at the same time that you feel totally inadequate to fill it, and feel like they’ve reached the same conclusion. So, not a strong connection, but the Mole Verde Enchiladas were off the hook!

I consoled myself with the thought of my date on Tuesday…


  1. Great blog, I managed to stumble on it with my Google alert on Lesbian Lexicon. I know the whole single scene can suck, the one consolation prize is the lack of daily drama from a partner. Of course the lesbian dating scene is a completely different monkey for those in small communities where the lez scene is pretty much non existant.

    Enter the Internet and Lesbian Dating websites. Now those piss me off. Filled with scam artists wanting cc numbers and guys posing as lesbians on facebook ina pathetic attempt to fulfil their fantasy of being with a Lesbian. Uggggg

    So I created my own FREE Lesbian Dating and Social website and made it completely free. The URL is Check it out, I would love to see some of your writing in the blogs there. Features include Blogs, Forums, Chat, Profiles, personal messaging, Instant Messaging and more. No cost of anything ever. Looking at your impressive list of Lesbian Bloggers out there, I think I will start a blogger listing, of course you could always promote your blog in the blog section.

    Keep up the Good work Chica


    • Thanks for the complement. Dating’s actually not so bad for me right now, really. I don’t usually approve add-type comments (especially the “do you want to date other people with herpes?” type,) but I’ll make an exception for you. I’m not sure why I would want to blog there, though, when I’m already blogging here? Or do you have an easy way to cross-post from wordpress?

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