Crossed Wires

So although I’ve described a number of recent dates, or meetings with women, I haven’t always given you the follow up: the text argument that insured no follow-up to my Hot Date, the painful back and forth with the ex of the cutie dreddy woman in Second Chances and Just a Drink that resulted in my “friend” basically sabotaging any chances that I had with that fine African woman…etc…

–I haven’t told you about all this because, basically, my ineptitude at relationships is embarrassing! Plus I’ve agonized about each situation and talked to my girl friends about it so much that I’m sick of it! I get so emotionally wrapped up in budding potential relationships–too worked up. Fortunately after about a week the emotions run out, and it’s “on to the next.”

A recent conversation with my friend Chelsea helped me see that I am crossing my wires.

Yes I want to meet Ms. Right, aka “the one”–someone I can genuinely share my life with.–Heart Wire

Yes I want to meet friends.–Head Wire

Yes while I’m looking for Ms. Right, I want to meet Ms. Right now. I have a lot, a lot of sexual energy.–Hot Wire (lol)

She pointed out that when she used to go the club to hook up, it was just that–a hook up. She didn’t get hurt if things fell through–because she had no real expectations. If she just went out and danced it was a good night, but if she went out and hooked up it was a great night. If it didn’t work out, that was just whatever.

See, even though some part of me knew that many of these situations would not turn into viable relationships…or it was too soon to tell…I crossed my head, heart and hot wires into a big tangled mess over these women, instead of just seeing what was really between us for what it was. I need to just take it easy more and let things be.

Armed with these thoughts, I prepared myself mentally for an awesome night of speed dating and dancing, which I shall describe for you presently.

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