Dream Woman

So, tonight I’m doing one of those speed dating things, and that got me thinking…what am I really looking for? My friend suggested that I write a list of what I am looking for in a partner. So here it is, and I’m sharing it with you:


  • She must be physically attractive to and sexually compatible with me. Lets’ get this one out of the way first off! No, sex is not the most important thing in a relationship, but trying to build one without it–unless it’s a pure friendship–is like building your house on sand. (Believe me, I’ve tried!)
  • She should have a career, not just a job, or be actively trying to achieve one. (No more broke bitches lol)
  • She should have a strong foundation of morals and ethics. (Not a playa or a liar)
  • She should like kids–not in a “ooh they’re so cute, I want some of my own  and I spoil them rotten” kind of way, but in a, “cool, kids are family–now listen to your mother when she talks to you!” kind of way.
  • She should be a good communicator: does what she says she’s gonna do or let you know if she can’t in a reasonable time.
  • She needs to be logistically compatible–live within a half hour drive, have her own place or room with cool roommate, and be cool with mostly seeing me after 9/9:30 PM–when the kids are at least theoretically asleap. Also willing to let me take my time and get to know her before fully integrating into each other’s lives.
  • She needs to be forthright and honest, and believe in working out problems and issues between us.  (Because I know we’ll have some lol!)
  • She should have a sense of humor.
  • I believe that it’s important for both members of a couple to have other interests and strong friendships outside of the relationship, and she should feel the same way. (I recently realized that this is a deal-breaker for me.)
  • And finally, she needs to love me and be able to handle my quirks!


  • It would be wicked cool if she was good with power tools and working on cars and wanted to do projects with me.
  • I think creativity is super-attractive–but creative types can be a little flakey (ahem) so while it would be nice if she was creative, I’d almost be more pleased if she was more down to earth and less creative–as long as she supports my need to express creatively.
  • I’m interested in politics and what’s going on in the world–It would be nice if she was too.

Okay, I think that about covers it: a nice, professional, stable woman. Is that too much to ask for?


  1. Good list. I especially feel you on that first one. . . my longest and most successful relationship was with a girl I really wasn’t attracted to, but she was sweet and kind and cared about me. . . but unfortunately, the severe lack of sexual attraction just meant in the long run, it couldn’t last. I’m too young to be giving up sex before I’ve really even had any. =/

    • Yeah, my relationship with my son’s father lasted three years despite my almost complete lack of attraction for him and the absence of sexual compatibility (not to mention the fact that I almost left him for a woman). If he hadn’t had other faults I might have stayed with him longer anyways…but I think it would have come apart eventually…I’ve met a lot of sweet, together women who just do not turn me on at all…hoping I find one who has it all–and for some strange reason also wants me!

      • Yeah, my situation was similar. . . I probably would have stayed with my ex longer if there hadn’t been other problems in the relationship–but eventually it would have been the lack of attraction that did us in. I couldn’t agree more (same goes for looking the “one who has it all.” Haha).

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