Studs and Butches: How We’d Like You to Smell

So, someone found my blog while googling something along the lines of: “how femmes want they studs to smell.”

And they must have been disappointed, because I really didn’t cover that in any of my posts. So, for my first “advice” post, I will use the royal we, but really, this is just my opinion, so, here goes:

  1. We like how you smell. That’s right, if you’re reasonably healthy, and not a crackhead or tweeker, you probably have a naturally appealing smell to your average femme lesbian…especially if you’ve been, you know, engaging in a lot of physical activity…
  2. Soap and Water. We do like you clean, so wash up!
  3. Deodorant: sure we like your smell, but come on, everyone has their bad smells too! Try to pick either an unscented deodorant or one that complements your body’s natural aroma. I’m fond of Tom’s of Maine Woodspice. I like natural scents in general, so I recommend going to the “Natural Living” section of your local health food store and smelling all of the deodorants until you find one that you feel represents you.
  4. Cologne: You don’t really need cologne. If you must use cologne, use in moderation! Anyone who’s been stuck behind a group of teenagers at the Mall knows how horrible a huge cloud of cologne, perfume or body spray can be, so just dab a tiny bit behind your ears and maybe in a few other key spots–(wrists, chest, crotch if you want) just enough that I can faintly smell it while I’m nuzzling your neck! Now I usually hate cologne, but I loved it on the last stud that I dated. I thought about calling her to ask what brand she uses, but in my last text I told her to loose my number…and I really think that’s where the two of us should leave it. So the best advice I can give you is to sample a number of different colognes–again, I prefer natural smells, so I suggest your health food store. Choose something that you like to smell. If you like it, and feel confident wearing it, so will your girl! (Or if she doesn’t, she’ll eventually let you know lol.)

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