Saturday Night Fever Pt 4 “Just a Drink”

Start the adventure at the beginning with “Man-O-Phobic

Finally it was time to go, and Hope and I started out together. Somehow the two guys fell in in front of and behind us, only further heightening my anxiety.  Hope seemed completely unperturbed.

“I need to get a cab.” Hope slowed down.

“It’s no problem, I can give you a ride.” She picked up again, walking just behind me on the narrow, snow lined sidewalk. It’s been snowing relentlessly and snowbanks everywhere are two-five feet tall.

“So what do you girls like?” Asked the 6’6″ white guy from behind us. “Licking pussy, sucking dick…we could have a foursome?

“That’s too many for me!” Hope replied jovially.

“Yeah, no thank you!” I pitched in.

“That’s too bad!” Replied the Mexican, turning around in front of me, grabbing his crocth, “You could’a had this!”

“I could get as much dick as I want.” I retorted. Hope snorted with laughter. “But I don’t.”

My car was only a block away, and when I pulled Hope with me around the snowbank the guys (thankfully!) headed off into the night.

“I don’t know how you stay so cheerful with those guys! They freaked me out.” I asked her, as the car was warming up.

“Well it’s different here in America. Men mostly leave you alone if you turn them down. In Kenya you have to pretend that you like the men and that you’ll call them. They just don’t give up. They also don’t have Lesbian clubs in Kenya. I like them here very much.”

As I drove her home I cought her gazing at me.

“You’re so beautiful!” she exlaimed, the word sounded like they were ripped out from deep inside her.

“No, I replied with equal measure, not sure what she saw in me, “You’re so beautiful!”

“So I’ve never done this before, but will you come in for a drink?” She asked me as I approached her house.

“Oh yeah, you’ve never done this before!” Slipped out before I could censor it.

“I actually really haven’t.” She replied. “Come in with me, we don’t have to do anything, I just want to hold you.”

“‘I’d like to, really.” I replied. My car clock read 2:30 AM  “But I have to work tomorrow.”

“You have to work on a Sunday?

“I have to make up for the last snow day.”

“Well, okay. I respect that.” I pulled over into a spot that was marked with an orange cone. I could see parking would be a huge problem if I tried to stay. “Can I at least give you a hug?”


As she leaned in towards me somehow a hug turned into a kiss. Her lips pressing hungrily against mine.

“I should go.” She gave me a look like a new-made vegetarian turning down a steak dinner–and headed out into the cold. “Text me when you get home!”

I smiled all the way home.


  1. Thank goodness for WP tag-surfer! I love your blog and your writing style. It’s always a thrill to see another femme writer and see many shared thoughts. ❤


  2. Glad you like it. Thanks for letting me know!

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