Because You Smell

This is a message to men (especially straight men) who go to, or are thinking of going to, a Lesbian dance night (or club if your town is lucky enough to have such a thing.)


I know you’re curious–maybe your friend or bi/bi-curious girlfriend has invited you to check it out–maybe you’re bored or think you can swing some bi chick–but I have one word for you: don’t.

Oh, no one’s gonna be mean to you or beat you up or go out of their way to make you feel unwelcome, but really, we don’t want you there.

Let me give you a hint, something no one’s gonna tell you to your face: it’s because you smell. Seriously. You stink.

Not that women don’t smell, but it’s different. The fragrance of a group of women dancing is a lovely wonderful smell…you can sink into that aroma and it starts to feel like the most wonderful normal natural scent to have around you.

And then that sharp, acrid odor cuts in. I can smell a man on the dance floor within a twenty foot radius! You’re killing my buzz dancing stinky man!

Oh, AND STOP HITTING ON FEMMES!  Yes we may look like straight girls, and yes maybe we want someone who dresses like a man…but we want her to smell like a woman. (Yes even studs with their cologne smell like women–and we like that!)

Seriously, stop!

If you see a hot girl at the dyke bar–where I already told you not to go–leave her the fuck alone!!!


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  1. you are killing me. This is so funny and so true. I don’t know what it is but men smell. It is musky and sharp. No offense, there are so many nice guys but their smell is more than NOT appealing.

    And nothing makes me more mad than a straight guy staring at me like a piece of meat. I might look girly but I am in a gay bar for a reason and that reason is not to look for a man.

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