You Might Be A Lesbian If…

  1. While kissing your boyfriend you keep thinking of how his mouth reminds you of eating pussy.
  2. After your boyfriend goes down on you you barely think about it the next day except to kind-of wish he hadn’t–but when a woman kisses you that night for less than three minutes you can’t stop thinking about her the next day.
  3. You find dicks disgusting and don’t want to touch them never-mind have them anywhere near an orifice.
  4. You find yourself constantly checking out women everywhere you go.
  5. You really, really love eating pussy.

Okay, this post is not about you, you’ve probably guessed it. It’s about me.

I might be a Lesbian.

Okay, I am a Lesbian.

I need to admit it, own it, and stick to it even if it means being celibate until I find the right woman.

(And no, he’s not my boyfriend I just thought that sounded better for the sake of this post.)

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