Don’t get it twisted–

I won’t lie and say that I do not love your pussy: the taste and feel of it…the soft sound of your moans as you press it hungrily against my lips…my mouth sucking your mound in my mouth, engulfing your whole pussy as your hips try to meld with my face…OMG!

Pussy, the gateway to life….closest I can come…to you…to Goddess…

I get too excited…

About pussy…

But don’t get it twisted–don’t let my absorption is such a small but mighty portion of you blow out of proportion the love that I feel for you. I want to hold you, feel you…kiss you tenderly and completely.  I want to leave no inch of your skin unloved as I caress every part of you until it feels whole. Until you feel loved…. I want to spend long hours with our bodies tangled together as we explore our most intimate thoughts, fears and desires…

I want to be kind to each other, to share our dreams and plans, but more than that, to build something real and strong and solid!

And then you put your robe on and tell me to get dressed and get the hell out.

That shit is twisted.


  1. Exactly! Well, down to the last but one line: not something any of us wish for!


    • That’s why it’s called twisted–sometimes what’s going on in your head isn’t the same as reality.

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