More on Coming Out Christmas

After our little conversation we watched a movie.

As I drowsed on the couch my eyes closed… visions of breasts and stomachs filled my brain. (I like thick women, and find stomachs sexy too–like a curving sexy landscape leading down to paradise) First I envisioned white C cups with cherry-like nipples like the actress in the movie…then my mind wandered to dark chocolate tripple-D’s with swollen nipples that turn into long thin cones with gentle sucking. Soft mid-sized caramel breasts with sweet sensitive areolae…

What can I say? I love women

I think, to me, that if an attractive man is like a good beer or fine wine, then an attractive woman is like heroine. Yes, I like beer and wine, and have a hard time turning it down when offered, but I don’t crave it like a drug. Just recently the thought of once again sleeping with an ex girlfriend made me so wet all day long that when I got my pap smear the Doctor said I was ovulating, even though my cycle was just last week. (Pap was way better turned on). I have never gotten that excited over a man.

Am I surprised that my dad reacted the way he did? Hip radical lefty sociologist that he portrays himself as? Maybe a little–not really.

I came out as Bi at fourteen when he lived half-way across the country. I think–I’m pretty sure he knew…that I told him…But I’ve never been one to talk much about my relationships to him, and he’s only met four (men) of the many people I’ve dated….so maybe if he knew, he didn’t know.

Guess he does now.

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