A Coming Out Christmas

My kids and I flew out to the Midwest to see my Dad and Stepmother for Christmas. It’s late, the kids are in bed, and we’re sitting around talking over beers:

My Dad: “So, I feel like you’ve hardly been telling me anything about your life, what have you been up to?”

Me: “Well, you know I’ve been working, and things have been going pretty well with my mom and step-dad helping with the kids–”

Dad: “Yeah, that arrangement seems to work for everyone but you.”

Me: “No…I like it, it gives me the opportunity to go out dancing, which I’ve been doing a lot.”

Dad: “Oh yeah? What kind of dancing? Hip Hop?”

Me: (Cagily) “Yeah, or top-ten…whatever they want to play.”

Dad: “So what, are you going out to clubs?”

“Yeah” I said, straightening my spine. “To Lesbian Clubs.”

“But–” My dad sputtered. “How are you going to meet a man that way?”

Me: “…”

“She isn’t trying to.” My Stepmother interjected with her gentle laugh.

“But–” My dad asked. “Don’t you ever want to be with a man?”

Me: “…”

It’s a Merry Coming Out (again) Christmas.


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  2. sounds like a very cute coming out storey. However, I was left hanging here. What did he say?

    • That was it really…we watched a movie…I’ll make another blog post on further convos soon.

  3. Uh-oh. You said the dreaded “L” word, even though it was just about going clubbing. All things considered (unspoken hopes dashed and all that) it seems as if he took it well.

    • I already gave him two grand kids…what more does he want?

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