Birthday Sex

I was talking to a friend at work about the new man in my life, and she pointed out something I should have noticed: the fact that there was zero excitement in my voice when I talked about him. That’s when I realized that, although he doesn’t know it yet, it’s over. Right now the only thing I want from him is my bra.

I was just thinking about this when I got a text from my ex girlfriend Jen. (I’ve written abut our off-and-on thing so much I finally made my own category for posts about her.)

For all the times I swore I would never mess with her again, it turns out she only had to text me two little words to pull me back to her like a puppet on a string. Those words being “birthday” and “sex” (her birthday, not mine).

So despite being completely exhausted from insomnia the night before, I went over to her house Wednesday night.

At first I thought she was playin with me again, as she spent the first 40 minutes I was there playing around on Facebook.

Then when I finally got something started with her she was very skittish. I felt like I had to keep asking: “is this okay?” At one time we used to flow together so well–but I guess it had been a while. Finally she reciprocated. Every touch of her hand on my skin made my whole body tingle. we spent a long time holding and caressing each other. I missed the feeling of her body up against mine. She’s one of the few lovers that I’ve had that is just perfect to cuddle with…

And OMG I new I liked eating pussy, but I lost my damn mind over hers! She never even touched my pussy, but  I came three times while eating hers!

I got too excited though…I definitely need more practice…she kept telling me with her body what rhythms to follow, but it was hard to follow when my passion made me want to lead. Still, she says she can’t stop thinking about me, so I must have done something right.

We’re back in the honeymoon stage…trying to be nice to each other. Experience says this won’t last long but I hope I’m wrong…

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