Lesbian Lexicon

The idea for the Lesbian Lexicon came to me after watching some videos on YouTube that did a very bad job of explaining lesbian terminology. I wanted to do an illustrated lexicon from femme to stud–or, since blogs read in reverse, you’re reading it from stud to femme. I decided to only use terms that I hear regularly here in the Boston Area, rather than try to include everything I’ve seen online, so I did not cover words like futch, boi, or aggressive (referring to a stud). I also did not include trans, as I have recently realized that I am still working through issues and prejudices around transsexuals. (Probably the result of my own deep trans-desires I’m still struggling with.) If you want to write a guest post on these or any other term you think I missed, comment below.

I decided to use all celebrities, and as many out artists as I could. You’ll notice Mo’Nique in there, with a disclaimer. No there’s no disclaimer for the rest of them. Am I saying their Lesbians or at least bi? Well I’m not saying they’re not…

I also want to ask you to please refrain from making comments about “how stupid it is to label people.” Labels are just language that people use to try to understand and explain their environment. Obviously there is a wealth of depth in each person, regardless of where they fit on the spectrum, and I think everyone, male and female, has at least some traits from each.

Butch O'Meter

Butch O'Meter

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