Happy Naked Women in Thier Bras and Panties.

Femme is a very general term for a Lesbian who presents largely as female. She could be really girly, or just very womanly or just someone who looks female. Femmes are generally considered to be more receptive, although there is definitely a spectrum.

The straight world will take her for straight unless she festoons herself with lesbian symbology or goes out in public obviously with her girlfriend.

I’ve joked in the past that all the women with the cute butts end up as femmes, while the women with no ass turn into studs, but gender orientation is a state of mind.

(Part of Justa Notha’s Lesbian Lexicon. See also High Femme, Lipstick Lesbian, Aggressive Femme, Butch-Femme, Stem, Tomboy, Soft Butch, Butch and Stud)

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